US lawmakers pressured AT & T to cut ties with Huawei and China Telecom

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After Huawei's deal with Verizon and AT & T related to the Mate 10 line distribution was canceled earlier this month, US lawmakers are now reportedly pressuring AT & T to stop commercial cooperation with Huawei.

In addition, lawmakers also oppose China Mobile's plan to enter the US market. MPs urged AT & T to cut ties with Huawei and China Telecom over security concerns.

Another US-based company that is thought to have ties with the two Chinese giant companies is also advised not to continue their cooperation deal with both.

One member of the senatorial and House relations division presses AT & T to end collaborations with Huawei regarding the next generation 5G high-speed network standard. MPs also banned the use of Huawei devices by a subsidiary of AT & T, the Cricket.

AT & T declined to comment officially on the matter, but AT & T has not decided on a 5G supplier. AT & T also revealed earlier this week it has sold equipment to more than 45 out of 50 operators and put customer privacy and security a top priority.

US lawmakers are concerned that various data compiled from Huawei devices, for example user locations, can be overseen by the Chinese government. In 2012, Huawei and ZTE are subject to investigations by US security agencies.

The investigations linked to the equipment owned by the two companies provided a loophole for foreign surveillance and espionage, and threatened the US infrastructure. The allegations were strongly denied by Huawei.

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