Vivo is rumored to be launching a phone with 10GB of RAM

Vivo Xplay7
Not long after launching the first smartphone with a fingerprint sensor on the screen, came a new rumor about another smartphone made by Vivo.

This rumor circulated after appearing a series of images from the presentation on Weibo, social media like Twitter in China. The pictures show a Vivo smartphone, the Xplay 7. Last year, Vivo did not launch its premium smartphone line. However, rumored, Xplay 7 will be released this year.

In the leaked slide image, Xplay 7 is written to be equipped with 10GB of RAM and internal memory of 256GB or even 512GB.

The phone is also expected to have the ratio of the screen and the body reached 92.9 percent. That means, the phone will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor embedded directly on the screen.

Vivo Xplay7

Vivo's built-in fingerprint sensor is embedded on the screen using Synaptics' Clear ID optical sensor. This sensor can only be used on OLED screen because OLED does not require lighting from behind like LCD.

This sensor utilizes the distance between the pixels to detect a person's fingerprint. Therefore, the sensor can be directly embedded in the screen.

Xplay line is the premium line of Vivo. Xplay 7 is rumored to have a screen with 4K resolution and dual camera using IMX sensor made by Sony. The smartphone is also rumored to be using Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown when Vivo Xplay 7 will be launched. There is a possibility, the phone will be released on MWC, given the name Vivo emerged as one of the exhibitors.