WhatsApp immediately install a special tool to counterfeit news

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WhatsApp is trying to take an important step to stop spreading fake news. Reports related to the new notification system that warns WhatsApp users that they risk spreading spam messages circulating on the internet. When it detects that a message has been forwarded multiple times, the system will alert WhatsApp users that the message is potentially spam.

Fake news has become a world-wide problem, and WhatsApp is a platform that is affected by this problem. Spread spam messages through WhatsApp has been a big issue for the past few years.

To reduce the spread of false news, WhatsApp is now testing a feature that will alert users who forward messages, that the message is expected to be spam. This warning will only appear if messages are forwarded 25 times.

If the user needs to send a single message to more than 25 contacts, WhatsApp has a feature called Broadcast List. This feature allows users to send messages to a number of other users, but only to colleagues with phone numbers in the contact list.

The new feature is currently being tested on WhatsApp iOS version. Still not clear how the company is now shaded Facebook, to stop the spread of spam messages among users.

Previously, WhatsApp officially launched WhatsApp Business and was available on the Google Play Store. This app is offered for free download, and only available in certain regions. WhatsApp Business newly entered a number of countries such as Italy, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States and Indonesia.

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