Xenoma has smart clothes for dementia patients

Xenoma smart clothing
The intelligent clothing company, Xenoma, is trying to find ways to integrate intelligent clothing technology into everyday life. And they seem to be making clothes with sensors to help medical offenders keep an eye on patients.

The japanese company has just shown smart pajamas that can be used by patients in the hospital, especially people with dementia.

With smart clothing is expected that patients no longer have to be held in the room for observation. Instead, the observation can be done by the sensor on the clothes.

Both on clothes and pants, there are sensors that are arranged in such a way as to record a particular input. For example, sensors on the hips and legs are designed to detect motion. That way, the medical practitioner can know that the patient is moving.

Meanwhile, the sensor on the shirt is made to monitor signs such as breathing. On the shirt, can also be installed a pair of ports that can be connected with the EKG.

One of the most exciting innovations of Xenoma is a clothing sensor that does not require special fluids to connect with the skin.

In addition, Xenoma said, new clothes will show damage after washing more than 100 times, just like regular clothes.

In the chest, there is a plastic disk that holds the battery, Bluetooth unit, accelerometer and gyroscope. This battery can last for eight hours in a single charge battery.

Xenoma will also test her homemade clothes at an unnamed hospital in Germany in the near future. Hopefully, these clothes will be used in 2020 with the price per clothing of less than US $ 100.

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