Xiaomi announced plans to increase the company's valuation through an IPO to a value of $ 100 billion

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Last month, Xiaomi's executive Wang Xian said his company, which is rumored to be in discussion with US operators, soon confirmed its presence in the country within two months.

To help speed up revenues for these financial needs, Xiaomi plans to Initial Public Offering (IPO) to raise its finance to US $ 100 billion.

In the past four years, Xiaomi has secured US $ 1 million in funding thanks to a deal that makes the company's value to $ 45 billion. One year earlier, Xiaomi's valuation was worth US $ 13 billion.

2017 is a good year for Xiaomi after a difficult year in 2016. The expansion of coverage to India is called the best strategy for Xiaomi, because not only as the second largest market in the world of smartphone world.

The move also reveals the value of Xiaomi's device price in accordance with per capita income countries of US $ 1,670 in 2016.

Xiaomi and Samsung are currently competing for the biggest market share in India. Xiaomi also reportedly targeted revenue of $ 15 billion in 2017, which it achieved in October.

Xiaomi has also announced that it is partnering with banking companies Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs to help with the preparation of the IPO. Both will work with Credit Suisse Group AG and Deutsche Bank AG to finalize the deal.

Xiaomi is also reportedly planning to have China's investment banking firm in the group that is in charge of helping him with the IPO. Meanwhile in China, Xiaomi lost its market share, as a form of defeat with Lenovo, Oppo and Vivo.

This prompted Xiaomi to change the distribution method from fast online sales to more traditional platforms. Xiaomi plans to set up 1,000 Mi Home stores by 2019.

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