Xiaomi stopped the update Android Oreo 8.0 on Mi A1 because many bugs experienced by users

Xiaomi Mi A1
End of December 2017, Xiaomi began bringing Android Oreo 8.0 update for Mi A1 users. But it seems Xiaomi pulled back the update.

A number of users reported to the company that on their device there are many bugs after OS Mi A1 is updated to Android Oreo.

In fact, also circulated a screenshot showing that the company confirmed Android Oreo update has been temporarily halted. In addition, users who have updated the OS on their Mi A1 are asked to wait for more information from Xiaomi.
xiaomi oreo
There are several types of bugs reported by users, but the worst is the more extravagant battery, especially when the Bluetooth feature is enabled.

Meanwhile, other users feel the notification on his smartphone does not appear. There are also users who experience problems when receiving a call if the phone screen is off.

The average bug appears after the user installs Android Oreo updates on his device. Unfortunately, it is not yet known when Xiaomi will be re-releasing Android Oreo 8.0 update for Xiaomi Mi A1. Likely, the Xiaomi and Google will immediately make improvements and remove the bugs.

For now related notifications related to the termination of Android update Oreo 8.0 on Mi A1 is not known for sure.

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