YouTube announces Intelligence Desk to prevent inappropriate videos from becoming popular

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YouTube announces the presence of a new division, called the Intelligence Desk, to help find controversial and inappropriate video earlier, before it becomes a problem for advertisers.

This division will rely on third-party consultants, social media sites, Google user feedback and data, to help find videos that are considered too controversial for YouTube advertisers and customers. This video will be removed before ads are embedded.

YouTube has also recently faced a problem with allowing extremist uploaded videos to get ads from big companies. This creates the impression that the company is supporting the radical agenda, and is causing undesirable controversy for the business.

In an attempt to regain support from advertisers, YouTube announced at the beginning of last week that creators of content to be paid for from videos must meet certain audience-specific measurement criteria.

 Content creators must also broadcast their videos for over 4,000 hours of total watch time over the previous 12 months, and have at least 1,000 subscribers.

Previously, YouTube had expressed the belief that money was the source of their problems. YouTube announces changes that will affect how a channel owner can earn money from videos they upload.

YouTube will take advantage of humans to moderate and add new tools to ensure advertisers' ads are not showing on problem videos such as hate speech, child exploitation and other inappropriate content.

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