47% of parents in the US feel their children are addicted to smartphones

Addiction Smartphone
Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets are already part of everyday life. Not just so the consumption of adults, children are also addicted to mobile devices.

This in fact became a fear for parents in the United States (US). According to a survey of 4,201 parents in the US conducted by Survey Monkey, 47% said they feel their children are addicted to mobile devices.

Since there are only two options given, 53% of them say their child has not been addicted to mobile devices. These parents say nearly three-quarters of their children have access to connected mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

About 60% of young people have their own devices, while 14% share mobile phones or tablets with others, and 24% of kids do not have the connected mobile devices in use.

What's interesting about the survey is that 50% of parents are not worried about the impact of the device on their child's mental health. The other 50% said they were worried.

These parents recognize that they are solely responsible for restricting the use of mobile devices to children and protecting them from inappropriate content that is broadcast on YouTube video streaming sites or apps.