Amazfit Bip has a battery that can last for a month in a single charge

One of the weaknesses of smartwatch is because the battery should be filled as often as the smartphone. Even the best Smartwatch usually can not last more than two days. Most smartwatch even you need to charge the battery every day.

Amazfit Bip, a smartwatch that promises a battery that lasts for 45 days, even longer than a Pebble-made wearable device. Bip is not a mix of smartwatch and fitness tracker. In addition, it also has a full feature like smartwatch.

The beep has a 1.28-inch touchscreen with optical heartbeat sensor, GPS for position tracking, 3-axis accelerometer, IP68 certificate means it can be under water for 30 minutes at depths up to five feet (1.5 meters) and will provide notification of your smartphone.

Smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS. The Bip company says that these smart watches can last up to 30 days in one battery charge and last for 45 days with "minimal notifications."

In addition to long battery life, Bip also has a very affordable price, which is US $ 99, much cheaper than Apple Watch or other smartwatch.

In terms of design, Bip resembles Apple Watch and Pebble Time. It has a slightly rounded round box face and buttons on the side. Prior to this, Amazfit had launched a smartwatch named Pace at the end of 2016. Smart watches have a round face face even though the battery can only last for one week.

One thing that distinguishes Bip with other smartwatch is because it does not have third application support. You will not find this smartwatch store app store. That means, Bip can only display notifications and keep track of your sporting activities.

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