Apple confirms the use of Google Cloud Platform on iCloud services

Google Cloud Platform
Apple confirmed that it was using Google's public cloud to store iCloud service data in the latest version of iOS Security Guide last month. Reports related to the use of Google's cloud service had appeared in the year 2016 ago.

Unfortunately, reports that circulated two years ago were never getting confirmation from Apple. Apple previously used a remote data storage system offered by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Meanwhile, the March 2017 edition of Apple iOS Security Guide is still listed on the Microsoft Azure service and not on the Google Cloud Platform.

The new edition describes its iCloud service as a number of stored encrypted files, without user identification information, using third-party storage services, such as (Amazon) S3 and Google Cloud Platform.

The report does not specify details of Apple's decision to use Google's cloud service other than to share photos and videos, or related to the start date for the transfer of storage services for the iCloud.

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