Apple is reportedly working with Goldman Sachs in connection with its next Phone and iPad purchase loan

Goldman Sachs
Apple is reportedly working with Goldman Sachs on the investment needs of banks for some time. However, recent rumors call both of them exploring financial related opportunities at the next level.

Leading Wall Street bankers are reportedly trying to find big clients to help them drive commercial banking. Apple is called a potential big client for the Wall Street plan.

Apple's financial division is reportedly in discussions with retail banking subsidiary Goldman Sachs to become a borrower for further iPhone and iPad purchases. As operators reduce mobile subsidies, Apple starts offering the iPhone through a loan program without interest.

In the United States, this program works closely with Citizen Financial not only as an upgrade offer for iPhone, as well as for other Apple devices. In November, Apple CEO Tim Cook called the installment program as a way to make it easier for consumers to buy high-priced devices like the iPhone X.

Cook said the US $ 33 per month installment is similar to the price of a cup of coffee offered by today's popular coffee shop. However, the installment program has not shown good results, because the distribution of smartphones in the fourth quarter 2017 decreased compared to the previous year.

Some research companies blame high-priced mobile phones for the cause of the decline, and cause a longer upgrade cycle. However, discussions with Goldman Sachs are expected to support iPhone 9, Xs and Xs Plus which will be launched in 2018. 

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