Apple is rumored to be launching AirPods with waterproof

Apple plans to launch new AirPods on a regular basis, just like the iPhone. The media mentioned that the team also responsible for HomePod has started to develop at least two new versions of AirPods.

One of them comes with a wireless chip while one other version will be waterproof. Apple is reportedly planning to release AirPods with chips for their own designed Bluetooth connection. However, it is still unknown whether the chip is a W2 chip used on the Watch Series 3.

The new AirPods also allows users to activate Siri without having to tap on earphones. Users just say "Hey, Siri" just like when he wants to activate the virtual assistant on the iPhone or HomePod.

Unfortunately, the waterproof AirPods seem to be launching next year. In addition, chances are, you will not be able to use the AirPods when swimming.

The earphones may only be immune to splashing water or rainwater, but will not survive when put in water.

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