Apple is undergoing investigations by two US government agencies

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Apple is reportedly undergoing investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) of the United States, in connection with its decision to change the speed of certain models.

Apple admitted undergoing investigations by the US government agency is related to its decision to change the speed of the CPU on a number of iPhone.

To keep consumers calm, Apple gives a discount of 63 percent for the cost of replacing the battery. In addition, iOS updates include user-enabled tools to measure the battery power of the iPhone supporters. This update will give the user the ability to disable the speed problems of the phone processor.

Through a statement released, Apple said it will never lower the user experience to encourage consumers to upgrade and buy a new model device. Apple calls always aimed at creating products that their consumers love.

In addition to admitting he was undergoing investigations from the government, Apple also called his company will comply and cooperate well during the investigation process of the United States government.

Not only by the US government, the iPhone's performance slowdown also rewards Apple with a number of lawsuits filed by consumers. The lawsuit is a form of complaint because Apple has installed an update to change device performance without permission.

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