Apple Music's paid subscriber growth will be higher than Spotify

Apple Music
Apple Music's customer growth is reportedly in a phase that allows it to immediately beat Spotify. The upcoming third quarter is predicted to be when Apple claims the throne as the world's largest paid music streaming service.

Apple Music monthly customer growth in the United States is in phase two and a half times faster than Spotify.

Every month, Apple Music has increased its customers in the United States by five percent, higher than Spotify's growth of two percent.

One of the reasons driving this growth is Apple Music's presence as a built-in app on Apple's popular device, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch Series 3 and more.

This growth is assessed will be further encouraged by the presence of Apple HomePod on 9 February. In addition to better audio quality claims from competing devices, Apple CEO Tim Cook calls HomePod to broadcast music or audio directly from Apple Music.

To listen to content from other streaming music services like Spotify, HomePod users must use Apple AirPlay features from other Apple devices.

Apple HomePod is also reportedly not compatible with standard Bluetooth technology. For information, the latest data calls Spotify has 70 million paid subscribers, with 70 million other subscribers on the free version.

The amount is more than double the number of paid subscribers Apple Music of 36 million. In the meantime, Spotify has a library of 30 million songs, less than the 45 million songs owned by Apple Music.

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