Apple's new office is filled with walls and glass doors

Apple Office
Apple opened his new office last year. The office is filled with glass walls and doors in the hope that it will encourage collaboration and cooperation among employees.

However, the beautiful office design was sacrificing functionality, something that became the theme of Apple's product later. Although the office is filled with glass walls look beautiful, but Apple employees continue to hit the glass wall.

Bloomberg's sources said that some people started to stick paper on doors and glass walls in order to make them more visible. In the end, the taped note was revoked because it damaged the office aesthetics.

According to documents obtained by MarketWatch, there are at least two events that cause serious injury to call emergency services when Apple's new office is opened.

In both cases, the victim suffered an injury. Fortunately, the injury was not severe enough so they had to go to the hospital.

Although this issue sounds ridiculous, there is actually a regulation that Apple broke. The California regulation states that "workers should be protected from the danger of walking past glasses or other barriers".

However, according to data from the United States Agency for Health and Safety, Apple did not violate the regulation.

If Apple is indeed infringing, the iPhone maker company could be subject to fines or other penalties to ensure they resolve the issue.

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