Apple released three video tutorials on using HomePod on its official YouTube channel

After officially launching its first smart speaker, HomePod, Apple released three tutorial videos for buyers and recipients for the $ 349 device, on its official YouTube channel.

One video of the three videos explains how to customize the HomePod settings. To adjust the settings, the user needs to open the Home app on your iPhone or iPad, then tap the HomePod card and click Details.

Doing so will allow users to make a number of changes and set up Apple Music accounts. Users can also set the levers to prevent songs with offensive language from being played via the intelligent speakers.

If desired, Apple Music can be set to retrace play history and create song-based music recommendations that users usually hear. In addition, users can also change the sound of Siri, for example into a male voice with British access.

Meanwhile, the second video shows how to use touch controls on HomePod. For example, tapping the top of HomePod in the middle of a playing song will pause the song. Tapping it again will play the song again.

Tapping the same piece twice will pass the song and tapping three times will play the previous song. While the '+' and '-' icons are responsible for controlling speaker volume.

If the user needs Siri, touch and hold on the top of HomePod until the lights are blue. Thus, users do not need to say "Hey, Siri" command to activate Apple's virtual assistant.

The third video shows how users ordered Siri to play music on HomePod. The video shows the user can say "Hey Siri, play 90's hip hop" or "Hey Siri, play my Playlist Music for a Get-Together", to play music.

In addition, users can also instruct Siri to elevate or lower the speaker audio volume. Siri is also called percentage comprehension, so users can instruct this digital assistant to harden the volume up to, for example, 50 percent. Siri will also pass the song or switch to the next song if the user calls a particular song number.  

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