Apple removes Telegram from the App Store due to illegal content distribution

Telegram App
Last week, Apple eliminated Telegram from the App Store after Apple received a number of complaints claiming that content was less likely to be distributed on the instant messaging platform. Telegram Creator Pavel Durov immediately responded with Apple's decision to remove the app.

Durov mentioned that he plans to implement a protection that would prevent inappropriate content being distributed via apps.

Until now, there is no detailed information regarding the inappropriate content alleged against Telegram. However, Apple Inc Senior Worldwide Marketing Vice President Philip W. Schiller recently responded to one Telegram user's question via email.

According to Schiller, the iOS version of Telegram app is used to distribute child pornography content. This is the reason Apple immediately pulled apps from its mobile operating system app store after the allegations proved accurate.

Not only eliminating applications from app stores, Schiller also mentioned that Apple immediately informed the findings and evidence related to the content on the Telegram to the relevant bodies, including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

Telegram was again present at the App Store a few hours later, having implemented basic protection and it was important to prevent the application from being used as a medium for distributing the illegal content.

Not only Telegram, another version of this instant messaging app is Telegram X also reportedly disappeared along with Telegram.

Telegram X is an alternative application from Telegram made with Swift programming language. The app offers higher speed, better animation, and battery power savings.

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