Apple reportedly investigating AirPod on fire in Florida

Earlier this week, Apple AirPod owners in Florida, United States, reported that their headset accessories suddenly stopped functioning while exercising. Not long after, the accessories emit white smoke.

Realizing that something was not right, this man named Jason Colon stopped his sports activities and sought help. On his return, his AirPod looked like a melted plastic, and was no longer usable.

A number of marks on the unit indicate that the device has been forfeited. Colon realizes that he is releasing AirPod from the ear at the right time, otherwise his ear will be affected by the burning of the accessory.

Apple AirPod Exploded

Unfortunately, when the incident took place, the gym that became the location of the middle event in a deserted condition, so there is no witness when AirPod burned. Colong estimates the problem comes from the battery, and believes that other AirPods owners should be careful.

Until now, no other reports have contributed to the issue related to the burning of AirPod. Meanwhile, Apple representatives revealed that the company plans to discuss with Colon while investigating the burning issue of AirPod.

Previously, Apple reportedly was working with Goldman Sachs associated with the investment needs of banks for some time. However, recent rumors call both of them exploring financial related opportunities at the next level. 

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