Apple will build a special clinic for its employees

Apple AC Wellness
Apple will create its own clinic called AC Wellness. The goal is to maintain the health of employees. The iPhone maker wants to offer the world's best "health care" to its employees.

Secretly, Apple released the site for this clinic with a job page, looking for doctors, nurses, fitness trainers and staff for the laboratory. Apple will open two clinics in Santa Clara, United States.

One of Apple's new clinics will be built at Apple Park's new office while another clinic will be located north of the office. Some employees who previously worked for Stanford Health Care have started working for AC Wellness.

Apple said, they will provide unique health services with the help of technology. Indeed, Apple has begun to break into the healthcare industry by releasing Apple Watch, the HealthKit and ResearchKit platforms that help doctors and researchers to track patient health.

In addition to providing doctors, nurses and other medical staff, Apple also seems to want to help its employees maintain health through diet and exercise programs. For this reason, Apple is looking for "designers" who can create programs to encourage Apple employees to live healthier lives.

Apple has more than 120 thousand tech industry employees in the United States is the industry that has the greatest funds for the health of employees when compared with other industries.