Bixby virtual assistant is now present in Samsung's smart refrigerator

Family Hub 3.0
Samsung re-present the latest smart fridge in the title Samsung Forum 2018 in Rome, Italy. This time, the South Korean company announced the presence of Family Hub 3.0.

Present as a third generation, Samsung buried a number of new features. One of the concerns is SmartThings application support.

Through this application Family Hub can control other smart devices in the house. Similar features are also available on Samsung smart TV.

"Our vision is increasingly simpler for kitchen sets, making Family Hub not just an ordinary fridge, so in this year we will continue to improve," said Ramon Medina, Director of Home Appliances of Samsung Electronics Philippines.

In addition to the presence of SmartThings applications, the latest generation Family Hub is also supported with Bixby. And supported with this virtual assistant the user can interact with the refrigerator via voice command.

Just like the previous series, Samsung's new refrigerator is already supported screen to help the operation. Through the screen also the user can know the contents of the refrigerator from the outside because the inside of the door is already pinned camera.

"Through this screen users can find out a variety of information, such as food expiration information, including providing a meal planner to make a shopping list or just a reminder," said Medina.

In this latest series Samsung also includes high quality speakers from AKG. Therefore, Family Hub 3.0 can be used to play music, including streaming content from smartphones.

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