BlackBerry announces updates for Hub apps, Calendar and Productivity Tab

BlackBerry announces updates for its proprietary applications, namely Hub, Calendar and Productivity Tab. All three of these applications will be supported by a number of new features and improvements that are claimed to help improve the user experience.

BlackBerry will significantly enhance the Hub user interface, and users will realize that across the BlackBerry Hub + app there is a new consistent placement for icons, menus and tabs. In addition, this application will also come with a new look and feel.

However, not all new versions of Hubs come with new options that let users choose fonts in emails. Each email account will now allow the user to select the type, size, and color of the font.

There is also a new option that allows Hub users to specify the algorithm used to approve the operation of the S / MIME messages out through the Hub app.

For Calendar, BlackBerry also adds information related to Chinese Lunar Year across different calendar views in Chinese Lunar Calendar. Meanwhile, the Productivity Tab has been getting updates with the widget.

So if the user wants to add widgets from the app, the user can use the special tab on the Productivity Tab. The user is enabled to customize those custom tab settings and manage their visibility.

In addition, users can also view content from various social media accounts in the Hubs tab, associated with email accounts. New versions of these three apps are available for download in the Google Play Store app store.