BlackBerry receives a patent for a new camera design

BlackBerry logo
BlackBerry received a patent from the World Intellectual Patent Organization (WIPO) for a new camera design. The document was registered on December 23, 2016, and was approved on three days ago.

The patent is titled "the same electronic device and control method for shooting digital images," and deals with camera systems for devices with a sliding QWERTY keyboard design similar to BlackBerry Priv.

The camera will be pinned on the back of the smartphone on the body of the device. The back of a sliding QWERTY keyboard will be supported with another lens that works continuously with the camera, referred to as a conversion lens.

When the QWERTY keyboard is opened, the device will display a regular camera when the QWERTY keyboard is opened. While the QWERTY keyboard is closed, cameras and conversion lenses combine to offer extra shooting capabilities.

In addition, TCL, the company behind BlackBerry Mobile, registered a trademark for the name of the Union to the USPTO. Last year, the company registered the name KEYone before MWC, and then the phone was introduced at the prestigious event.