Chinese police wear glasses that people can recognize

The Chinese government is very strict in controlling every citizen. Now the Chinese Police use a sophisticated sunglasses to keep an eye on everyone.

Glasses made by LLVision Technology Co. based in Beijing equipped with a camera and facial recognition technology.

By connecting to a government-owned database, police officers can now recognize the person being searched or those using fake identities.

During its use, the local police have captured 7 of its citizens in connection with criminal cases and 26 people using false identities. It is explained that this sunglasses can read 10,000 citizen databases in less than 1 second.

Initially, eyeglasses made by LLVision Technology Co. intended for wearable video camera devices like Snapchat Spectacles spectacles. Now the glasses are no longer sold to the public, but only to the local police.

CEO of LLVision Technology Co. said the sophistication of his glasses technology is that he does not depend on the cloud when performing face scans, but every police force is equipped with hand-held devices, so the process of scanning the face is much faster.

It is not known how many police officers are already using these sophisticated glasses, but Chinese local media says officers who use them are on guard at public facilities such as airports and train stations.

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