Cyber crime causes the United States to loss about $ 109 billion

Cyber security
Cyber crime has caused the United States to loss about US $ 7 billion to US $ 109 billion, the White House Economic Advisory Council estimates in a report released on Friday.

Citing the United States intelligence community, the report says that the most frequently committed cyberattacks to the US include Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

However, cyber attacks on the US are not only perpetrated by actors from other countries. The report says, corporate competition, activists who want to advance their agenda and organized crime are also the cause of cyber attacks in the US.

The report said the efforts of private parties and communities to counter cyber attacks will play an important role in increasing the growth of Gross Domestic Product.

On Thursday, the White House declared Russia guilty of cyber attack "NotPetya" last year, just like the British government, which condemned Moscow for spreading a virus that paralyzes some of the Ukrainian infrastructure and disrupts computers in various countries of the world.