Facebook is testing two of the first intelligent speaker models of his work

Smart Speaker
After Apple's development in the realm of intelligent speakers, now Facebook is also preparing intelligent speakers of his work. Latest rumors call up the middle of testing two speakers encoded Aloha and Fiona.

According to the latest report, both models will come with the support of a touch screen similar to a 15-inch laptop, allowing users to communicate with colleagues and family via video chat. This touch screen panel is the work of LG Display.

Both models will be assembled by Facebook's partner assembly plant, Pegatron. Facebook has signed a music licensing deal with Sony and Universal Music to provide content for the speakers.

By offering a big screen, Facebook plans to compete with Amazon's Echo model that is staying as the best selling device, the Amazon Echo Show. Amazon's pride device comes with a 7-inch screen.

The Aloha-style model will be marketed as a Portal, and will have more social media functionality when compared to the Fiona model. Aloha will also offer face recognition technology through the support of a wide angle camera at the top of the unit.

This facial recognition technology lets device users quickly log into your Facebook account, taking advantage of faces as a key. This device was originally scheduled to launch in May.

However, Facebook delayed the launch of the first intelligent speakers of his work until next July. Facebook also called for more time to perfect the acoustic ability of this smart speaker.

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