Facebook test new features to flag inappropriate comments

Facebook logo
Facebook is testing Downvote buttons on a number of uploads on a public Page. This Downvote button can be used by users to mark comments from other users that are deemed inappropriate.

A Facebook spokesperson said the initial motivation of the Downvote button was to create ease for users to notify Facebook, there was an inappropriate, misleading, and inappropriate comment.

"We're not testing Dislike buttons, we're exploring a new feature that lets users provide feedback on other users' comments uploaded on a public Page," said Facebook in a statement .

In use, when we tap the Downvote button in a comment, the button hides the comment and gives the user additional reporting options with the category "Offensive", "Misleading", or "Off Topic".

The presence of the Downvote button itself allows the user to tell Facebook whether the comment is inappropriate, is a fake news, or irrelevant to the topic being discussed.

Facebook actually already has a "Hide" button to hide comments, but the button is hidden and must be clicked to find it.

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