Four million SNES Classic Edition sold out

When first announced, many pessimistic Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic Edition will fail on the market. However, in fact that happened just the opposite, the console device is selling well.

Because as referring to corporate earnings reports, Nintendo successfully sold four million units of SNES Classic Edition. The amount of this sale was actually already predictable from the first month of sales.

At that time, in just one month shipment has reached 1.7 million units. Although shipping cannot be equated with sales, but at least it has already shown a high demand.

Lucky Nintendo has learned from the mistakes that occur when the release of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic Edition. For this SNES they prepare quite a lot of inventory units, so not overwhelmed.

Nintendo in the past few years seems quite successful in the gaming console market. Not only SNES and NES Classic Edition are in demand, their main console, the Nintendo Switch also sold well.

Even its mobile gaming business is also not spared the attention of audiences, where they have just announced Mario Kart games for mobile. This is revealed by Nintendo's announcement on Twitter.