Google develops AMP Stories for better web search

AMP Stories
Some time ago, Google introduced the AMP project, site technology aimed at reducing loading time on mobile devices. Users must be visited by AMP optimized site pages, indicated by the lightning icon next to the search results link.

Now, Google announces new extensions for the AMP project, and active social media users will rate this approach as familiar. The new AMP extension is called Stories.

This extension is related to the visual experience of news displayed on Google search results. Stories is designed as a rich visual content viewer, with text and image support, as well as videos and animations.

User interaction will occur by tapping, which will display a portion of the story to the next story. This is similar when users interact with Instagram Stories or Facebook Moments.

Google AMP Stories is also for delivering a faster interactive experience, avoiding the reader from impaired loading and slow loading times. Currently, AMP Stories is still in the testing phase, and is only accessible to a small number of publishers.

According to information circulating, AMP Stories will be available to all users in the future. But until then, users still have to be patient and enjoy teaser video footage uploaded on YouTube channel owned by The AMP Channel.

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