Google Flight is now supported by the ability to predict flight delays

Google Flight
Google Flight now no longer only helps users to book tickets, also notifies if the flight will be delayed, claimed before the airline knows it.

To deliver such predictions, Google makes use of historical data and artificial intelligence technology based algorithms (AI) to show realistic flying time. Google will not mention flights late unless it has been assured up to 80 percent.

In addition, Google will also provide explanations regarding delays, as experienced by previous flights, or there are weather related issues on the flight path.

Other new features, designed for explorers with limited budgets, showcase the benefits gained from economy class tickets, as well as offers that the airline passengers will not get. This will vary depending on the airline, but it is important to know.

For example, the information includes the weight capacity of the suitcases allowed by the airline, the luggage storage permit in the upper seat compartment, and the ability to choose a seat.

Until now, Google claims to still have limited data that can be used as a basis for information to provide answers to users of this feature. Google said it currently has data from three airlines, namely American, Delta, and United. 

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