Google Maps Go beta is available for download of non-Go Android devices via the Google Play Store

Google Maps Go
Google released the Maps version of Android Go to more users, after two months ago releasing this app in some countries, although it is not compatible with all non-Go Android smartphones.

Starting February 8th, Google expanded Maps Go availability to more regions, even in beta. In addition, this app is now compatible with a number of non-Go Android smartphones.

Users in the United States have been able to download Maps Go via the Google Play Store. The app is also reported to be available in other countries around the world, indicating Google's plan to make the beta program available worldwide.

Meanwhile, Google announced that it has spent US $ 12 million bounty hunter program for every security researcher and hacker who can find and report security holes, as well as provide a solution to Google, since November 2012.

For 2017 alone Google has awarded a total prize fund of US $ 2.9 million to 274 security research teams participating in the program.

Google says there are several important findings in the program during 2017, which earned the biggest prize in 2017 of US $ 112,500.

Google also announced the expansion of the YouTube Go app to more than 130 new developing countries around the world. YouTube Go is a lightweight version of YouTube, designed for low-end devices on slow-speed networks.

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