Google Pixel sold more than the Essential Phone

Google Pixel XL
IDC Research Director, Francisco Jeronimo, revealed about the sale of Google Pixel smartphones and Essential Phone. Based on data released by IDC this month, Pixel is more in demand than Essential Phone.

The Google Pixel smartphone market continues to grow. Citing data from Jeronimo, Pixel shipments grew twice to 3.9 million units in 2017.

Nevertheless, the portion of Pixel is relatively small compared to last year's smartphone shipments of 1.5 billion units.

"#GooglePixel shipments continue to grow, but still represent a small portion of the total smartphone market," Jeronimo writes with @fjeronimo account on Twitter.

Previously, IDC and Strategy Analytics published smartphone shipments reports in the fourth quarter and full year 2017. 

From these data, Samsung dominated smartphone shipments throughout 2017 with 317 million units. Based on IDC data, Samsung led the smartphone market in 2017 with 21.6 percent thanks to shipments of 317 million units. The number is up from 311 million units in 2016 with 21 percent market share.

Other top five positions are respectively occupied by Apple with 215.8 million units and 14.7 percent, Huawei 153 million units with 10.4 percent, Oppo 111.8 million units with 7.6 percent and Xiaomi 92 million units with 6, 3 percent market share.

The Analytics Strategy report is also not much different, with the top five positions containing the same name.

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