Google spent $ 12 million to hunt for security holes

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Since November 2010 Google has hosted a bounty hunter program for every security researcher and hacker who can find and report security holes, while providing a solution to Google. Google announced that it has spent US $ 12 million on the program since November 2012.

For 2017 alone Google has awarded a total prize fund of US $ 2.9 million to 274 security research teams participating in the program.

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Google says there are several key findings in the program during 2017, such as the discovery of a security hole in the Google Pixel smartphone that gets the biggest prize in 2017 of US $ 112,500.

Google will continue to improve the program, from prizes to the security vulnerability categories found. For example, Google increased the amount of prize money for hacking a Chromebook device worth US $ 100,000.

In addition, Google also added a category of security holes in the form of a user's personal data theft with a value of US $ 1,000.

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