Google uses artificial intelligence to predict heart health

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Researchers from Google and its subsidiary in the field of health, Verily, managed to find a new way to find someone at risk of heart disease. They use the use of artificial intelligence.

Both utilize machine-supported software learning to analyze one's eyes. The software is claimed to be accurate to collect data of a person, ranging from age, blood pressure, including smoking habits.

Supported data, the software can then predict whether a person suffering from heart problems, such as heart attacks. This Google-made software is said to have the same accuracy as the most current method.

By method, this software can be a new alternative for doctors to analyze someone. The reason, the results of this test makes the analysis process faster and easier, including no longer need blood tests.

However, this method still needs to be tested further before it is actually applied in medical purposes. Although further testing is required, medical researchers from the University of Adelaide, Luke Oakden-Rayner called the results of this method has been strong.

"They took one data for clinical reasons and got more than they can get right now, instead of being called a doctor's replacement, it's more appropriately referred to as a system that increases the reach of doctors," he said.

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