Google will add languages and features to Google Assistant

Google Assistant
Google announced its plan to make Assistant available to consumers worldwide. As many as 95 percent of compatible Android devices in the world will be able to install Google Assistant until the end of 2018.

The first language will be supported by Android and iOS Assistant in the coming months including Denmark, Netherlands, India, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden and Thailand. Then, Google mentions will add new languages in the future.

In this way, if the user speaks English at home, but speaks German at work, this Google virtual assistant will be able to understand users in both locations. The first three languages available for users with many languages are English, French and German.

The Google Assistant Mobile OEM program helps device manufacturers to build better integration between Assistants and mobile devices. With a new artificial intelligence technology (AI) chip, Google and smartphone manufacturers will help create commands that can only work on certain devices.

Google also declared its plan to allow "Hello Google" and "Hey Google" caller commands to access Google Assistant on phones when the screen is off.

Some models have been able to do so, and Google calls that new integration comes from LG, Xiaomi, and Sony.

Google Assistant will have new capabilities, namely Routines that allow Assistant to handle multiple tasks with a single command. Users can arrange up to six routines to handle daily tasks.

In addition, users will also be able to set reminder-based location via smart speakers with Google Assistant support. Meanwhile, as information, Google Assistant and Alexa is currently a leader in the intelligent speaker industry, followed by Siri.

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