Google will change some of the Android P designs

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Currently, only 1.1 percent of Android users are already using Android 8 Oreo. That does not stop Google from developing Android P. Now, there have been rumors about the next version of Google's mobile operating system.

One of Google's main goals in Android P is to "improve the look of software" for iPhone users interested in replacing their phones with Android.

If Google overhauls the design of Android, it could make them appear as a star this year, considering Apple still wants to focus on improving performance on iOS 12.

Google is also reportedly designing their latest operating system to adapt to camera bulges, such as those found on Essential Phone and iPhone X. The reason is that more and more smartphone vendors are using thin bezel designs.

In addition, Android P will also support Android devices that have unique features such as two screens on ZTE Axon M or a foldable screen, the phone Samsung is reportedly developing. Of course, Google also plans to embed a better Assistant integration into Android.

Google mentioned consider licensing third-party app developers to integrate Assistant directly on their created apps. In addition, Assistant may also be embedded in the search bar on the phone's Home screen. However, all this is still just a rumor.

Based on Google's strategy in the past years, Google may announce Android P in March. At that time, they will also release a preview for the developers. At Google I / O held in May, Google will provide more information about its new operating system.

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