Google will expand Project Fi coverage in 37 new countries

Project Fi logo
Google added 37 new countries to the international coverage list of its MVNO hybrid project, Project Fi. With this, Project Fi offers phone, text, and data services to 170 countries around the world.

Countries currently covered by Project Fi services include Algeria, Belize, Cape Verde, Georgia, Guinea-Bissau, Laos, Mauritius, Nigeria, Palestine, Senegal, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Armenia, Botswana, Cote d'Ivoire, Guam, Isle of Man , Republic of Macedonia, Monaco, Mozambique, Nigeria and others.

Project Fi pricing bids are reported to remain the same for text and data services. Unlimited text services are offered to countries around the world on Project Fi coverage, and data services are offered at a price of US $ 10 / GB until the Bill Protection program takes place.

The program limits monthly payments of US $ 80, consisting of US $ 60 for data and US $ 20 for phone calls. Phone calls outside the United States will be priced at 20 cents per minute and not included in Bill Protection.

Project Fi is also reported to send notifications that let users know when the device is covered by an overseas MVNO network. Based on Gmail, Project Fi will know the destination location and notify users about the availability of services in that location.

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