Google will invest $ 2.5 billion to build data center in the US

Sundar Pichai
Two years ago, Google announced that it would change the 1,300 acre Hemlock Semiconductor headquarters in Clarksville, Tennessee, USA into a $ 600 million data center.

Google did the groundbreaking laying on February 16th. In the event, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai also announced the company's plan to invest US $ 2.5 billion.

The funds will be used to open new facilities or expand from existing facilities in 14 states. In addition to the data center in Clarksville, Google will use a fund of US $ 2.5 billion to open or expand on existing data centers in Alabama, Oregon, Virginia and Oklahoma.

In addition, the Internet company will also open or add new offices in nine other states, namely California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington.

This Google expansion plan will open thousands of job openings and make Google has 6 data centers and operates in 21 states. Google plans to create a data center in Clarksville as a highly efficient facility. They have also bought enough renewable energy as a source of energy from the data center.

Pichai added that Google will also donate US $ 300 thousand in scholarships to Goodwill of Middle Tennessee as part of human resource development program.

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