Google will soon release an update from Google+ Android

Google is reportedly soon launching a new version of the Google+ Android app. This information is circulated after Google+ Technical Manager Leo Deegan uploads the teaser on his social networking account.

This new version of Google+ is reported to be present with the design and functionality look not much different, but supported by a number of changes that are intended as a solution to the functional deficiencies on the platform.

Deegan mentions that this update is the culmination of the overall redesign of a number of core features of Google+. This redesign presents a number of improvements such as better rendering and scrolling capabilities, and photo lightboxes with new look.

This update is also supported by more serious solutions aimed at addressing issues related to inappropriate comments. Deegan said, this update is a redesign and technicians are still doing the development to cope with various bugs.

Therefore users will still encounter a number of issues such as a sudden refresh action when leaving comments on upload. Meanwhile, Google+ is one of the social media that has not reached its heyday, when compared with other social media.

The presence of this update is rated as Google's attempt to improve the application related to functionality. Until now, there is still no definite launch date for the update, although it is expected to happen in the near future.

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