Huawei launches Honor 7X red and gray edition globally

Honor 7X red
Huawei launched a 7x Honor Limited Edition in a global red color selection, after launch in the United States. Not only red, Honor 7X is also available in gray.

For information, previous Honor 7X has been launched in black, blue, and gold. Huawei will also only provide this red and gray edition model of 20,000 units.

This phone is marketed in some areas for EUR270, similar price offerings with previous color choices. Unfortunately, the 7X Honor edition of red and gray color is reportedly not available in the UK.

Meanwhile, the year 2018 still seems to be a difficult moment for mobile phone brands as well as Huawei's telecommunications infrastructure company to enter the US market, due to fear the US government that the field of technology and telecommunications so the Chinese way of spying on the country.

In a hearing between the Senate of the US Intelligence Committee and six high-ranking officials from the FBI's intelligence agencies, the NSA and the CIA it was recommended that the United States government should not allow Huawei or China-based technology and telecommunication companies to operate in the country.