Instagram released a feature called Type for Stories

Type mode for Instagram Stories
The popularity of Instagram encourage developers behind this social networking application to release the update contains a number of the latest features. Latest features launched Instagram for Stories of the named Type.

This new feature allows users to type their thoughts in a variety of styles, with no need to think of an image that will be used in the background. This feature has been available in a number of areas.

On this feature, users don't need to be worrying about the image that will be used as the background writing and just need to think of things that will be poured on this feature. Users can use a new font with a variety of different styles to express feelings.

This new style will also be used for regular uploads, such as photos and videos. However the upload feature will be part of this Type of feature Stories and will disappear within 24 hours.

Previously, Instagram also released the ability to embed a GIF on content for feature Stories. Through these features, users can easily find the sticker GIF through GIPHY library.

Meanwhile, the latest changes being announced related ads Instagram Carousell presents the ability to embed photos or videos on the slide advertising up to three pieces.

The change is important for business and can increase the chances of your ad is seen to be a great advantage for the advertising industry.

Instagram released an update API, allows enterprise users social networking application utilizing third-party software to manage the upload and Stories on Instagram them. This API allows business users to schedule automatically uploads your account rises in Instagram at scheduled times.

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