Instagram Stories will have many ads

Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories allows businesses to embed only one photo or video. However, the latest changes announced by Instagram related to Carousell ads bring the ability to embed photos or videos on ad slides up to three.

This capability marks an important change for the business and can increase the chance of advertising being viewed so that it becomes a huge boon for the advertising industry.

This capability does not reduce the regular users' quota for unlimited use of Instagram.

This feature is claimed Director of Product Marketing Instagram Susan Rose became a feature that many requested by businesses and advertisers. This feature gives them the power to bring the story organic with some content.

The reason for increasing the number of slots is considered quite logical, because it allows users to present different stories with three parts of the media when compared to one part.

Rose believes this will make the interaction between advertisers and users on popular social applications more useful for both parties.

For starters, a further increase of the slot story for this business has been confirmed. For users who are annoyed with advertising, Instagram provides the option to remove ads by rubbing them to the side.

This new change is only one of a number of new features presented on the platform. A few days ago, Instagram brings the API will allow businesses to schedule uploads, and this video will be available on Instagram in the near future.

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