Instant messaging application made by Facebook for children is even criticized

In December 2017, Facebook launched a special instant messaging application for children users. Application called "Messenger Kids" can be used children under 12 years old.

Unfortunately, the presence of Messenger Kids is not welcomed. Among pediatric experts and mental health experts, criticizing Facebook's move to launch instant messaging applications for children is a fatal mistake.

Experts in the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) organization are urging the social media giant to immediately remove Messenger Kids.

In CCFC letters given to Facebook, they judge users under 12 years old are not ready mentally to accept changes in the digital environment presented in social media.

"These children are clearly not ready to have social media, according to our research, the excessive use of electronic devices and social media is risky for their mental development," the CCFC spokesman said in his official statement.

In addition, CCFC is also worrisome, instead of helping children communicate with their parents, the presence of Messenger Kids can actually bring them into a new environment that may not be noticed his parents.

Facebook itself until now has not provided comments related to the criticism of the CCFC.

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