Intel flew 1,200 Drones at the opening of the Winter Olympics

Intel flew 1,218 drones at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang. Intel uses their Shooting Star drones to showcase the spectacle that breaks the world record.

Drone Shooting Star has also been used to accompany Lady Gaga last year. This time, more than a thousand Intel drones form a variety of shapes, ranging from people on a snowboard to an interconnected Olympic circle.

The Shooting Star drone exhibition is not broadcast live. No wonder, given the cold and windy weather in Pyeongchang, which is not a perfect condition for flying a drone.

Initially, Intel plans to fly the drone directly. However, due to logistical problems, inevitably, the show had to be canceled. Nevertheless, Intel plans to hold a smaller show by flying 300 drones in a medal award ceremony.

Intel has also changed the design of the Shooting Star a bit, adapting it to South Korean weather conditions.

Prior to use in the Olympics, the drones have also been tested in Finland to ensure that they can function well in cold weather.

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