iOS source code was leaked on the internet

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This week, some of iOS source code was uploaded to GitHub. Interestingly, the code was leaked to the internet by a former Apple apprentice.

The apprentice who stole the code shared it with a group of five people in the iOS jailbreaking community. The goal is to help them penetrate Apple's mobile operating system.

The former employee took all of Apple's internal tools and so on, according to one person who got Apple's code at first.

At first, they did not plan to let the code they steal leaked onto the internet. However, it seems, last year, the code was spreading so it was not only accessible to five people who initially got the code.

The code was uploaded to the Discord chat group. Then, the code was distributed to the Reddit internet forum about four months ago. Fortunately, the post was immediately deleted.

Unfortunately, the code was then uploaded again to GitHub this week. Apple then asked GitHub to remove the post. The resource person working at Apple claims that the company has been aware of the code leak before it appears on GitHub.

Apple itself does not seem too worried about possible security risks considering the code is already three years old. They also added, "The security of our products does not depend on the confidentiality of our source code."

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