iPhone 9 is predicted to sell hundreds of millions of units

Well-known analyst from KGI Ming-Chi Kuo once mentioned that in 2018 Apple prepares three new iPhone, two with OLED screen measuring 5.8 inch and 6.5 inch, and one with 6.1 inch LCD screen.

Kuo was again predicted that Apple is ready to ship about 100 units of iPhone 6.1 inch is in mid 2018. According to rumors, this phone has the same features with the iPhone X, the Face ID.

This phone is also called present with aluminum frame, one camera lens, and without 3D Touch. Many call this handset is iPhone 9.

Even so, in Kuo's record, this shipment is fluctuating depending on the selling price to be priced Apple, where Kuo believes in the United States will be priced between US $ 700 to US $ 800.

In its analysis, shipments will range from 105 to 115 million units when the offered price is at US $ 699. It would be different if the shipment would range from 95 million to 105 million units if the offered price is US $ 799.

Kuo also predicts the iPhone 6.1 inch will contribute 50% of shipments of the latest iPhone lineup, with sales that will still remain strong in 2019.

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