Microsoft launched the Photos Companion app for iOS and Android operating devices

Photos Companion
Microsoft launched the Photos Companion app for iOS and Android devices. This app lets users easily copy images easily from your Android / iOS device to your Windows 10 PC with ease.

The Photos Companion app works by combining the built-in Photos app in Windows 10. But to make the most of it, users have to go through a series of steps that are relatively long, though not as complicated as expected.

First, the user must launch the Photos app on the computer, and make sure the app is updated. Then click the three dots on the top right corner and select Settings. Afterwards, the user must enable the Preview option at the bottom of the Settings menu, and only needs to be done once.

After closing the Photos app and accessing it again, users will find the option in the Import drop-down menu. This option lets users copy photos from phone to PC wirelessly, then click.

At this point, the user will find the QR code on the PC screen. Launch the Photos Companion app on your phone, select "Send Photos", and scan the QR code. Once the QR code is scanned, the user can use the Photos Companion app on the phone to specify the photo you want to transfer.

Press "Done" and wait for the photo copying process to finish, and note that the app will not delete photos from the phone. This app will only create local copies on a user's Windows 10 PC.

Windows phones and devices must use the same Wi-Fi network in order to perform the copying process. The Photos Companion app is also still present in the not yet perfect version, and there are still a number of bugs.

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