Microsoft launched an update for Android version Launcher supported Cortana integration

Cortana Integration
Microsoft Launcher Android version received version 4.6 update, with Cortana integration support. This update also lets users add Daily Bing Wallpapers to Home or Lock pages, or both.

Users can select the contacts to be included on the People card, and place the widgets on the dock. In addition, users can also embed apps or contacts that have been searched to the Home page.

Microsoft Launcher also allows users to change the wallpaper on the phone, or use a color pack or theme icon. Results of photos captured on the phone will appear on a Windows PC.

With apps, users can also manage personal feeds including news, event calendars, contacts and so on. Meanwhile with a universal search, users can search on the site and phone simultaneously.

For Cortana capabilities, this virtual personal assistant version has similar functionality to the Cortana Android version app. According to information on the Google Play Store, Cortana can help users make phone calls, schedule meetings, change wallpapers, resume activity on PC or read headlines.

In the Android version of the Android Launcher app, users can also learn Cortana's capabilities via tips and suggestions, giving Cortana instructions related to Feed cards, search bar, shortcuts, double click gestures and long-term presses on the home button.

In addition, users can also utilize Cortana to complete basic phone tasks such as calling, texting, launching applications and voice search. Cortana usage can also be used to personalize the phone like changing wallpaper, color or theme accents.

Cortana on the Android version of Launcher is also capable of sending images to PD, talking, syncing reminders with the To-Do Launcher, facilitating jobs such as creating, sorting or displaying meetings.

Cortana is also tasked with reminding users of the commitment to email, as well as controlling system settings. Microsoft's virtual assistant is integrated in applications in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and China.

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