Nokia and Vodafone want to build a 4G network on the moon

The German space company PTScientist has been planning to go to the Moon for several years. They have even worked with Audi and plan to deliver Audi's artificial quatro rovers to the Moon to explore the Moon's surface and return to the Apollo 17 landing site in 2019.

Now PTScientists is working with Vodafone and Nokia to create a communications network on the Moon using 4G LTE technology, which will allow high resolution video to be sent from the Moon to Earth.

BTS Vodafone will connect with rover-rover as they collect images and videos from the Moon.

This 4G network will use a frequency of 1,800 MHz to transmit HD video to ALINA (Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module), which connects to PTScientist in Berlin.

Meanwhile, Nokia will be responsible for making equipment that can be carried into space with a total load of less than one kilogram.

One of the advantages of 4G networks of analog radio is 4G is more efficient. Not only that, 4G can also rover to send more data to ALINA.

"We are proud to be chosen by Vodafone as their partner," said CTO Nokia, Marcus Weldon.

"One of these important mission objectives is to develop technologies for use in space in creating future networks, data processing and storage devices and will help develop the necessary communications infrastructure by academic, industry and education bodies in research on the Moon."