NSA is reportedly using Twitter to send confidential messages

The US National Security Agency (NSA) uses Twitter to send nearly a dozen secret messages to their Russian contacts who claim to have NSA data stolen by Shadow Brokers.

Reportedly, the NSA will inform the Russian people that they will make a public tweet as a sign that they want to establish a relationship or to prove that they are willing to discuss further.

The tweet was delivered throughout 2017. Some of the tweets look as though the NSA is promoting itself, while others support the rules that allow the NSA to spy on people.

There is also a message disguised as a tweet about historical facts, such as the 177th telegraph patent celebration. It is not known how much comparison between NSA tweets make as secret messages and regular tweets.

Unfortunately, communication through social media does not produce satisfactory results. The NSA paid the Russians US $ 100,000 in hopes that they could retrieve the data stolen by Shadow Brokers.

The NSA later canceled the agreement because the Russians were actually showing information claimed to show relations between President Donald Trump and his colleagues with Russia.

Only part of the information provided by the Russian informant is verifiable. The NSA is reportedly worried it is part of a Russian government plan to disrupt the US government.

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