Nuance declared Swype keyboard app to be closed

Swype keyboard
Swype keyboard app is no stranger to Android smartphone users. These applications are often present as congenital on some smartphone brands.

The bad news is that apps known as swipe-gestures typing feature will not get more updates for Android and iOS, including no longer available in the app store.

Nuance, the application developer said they stopped developing the app to switch to other unexplained products. For users who already use Swype applications can still continue to use.

Nuance said the company left its direct to consumer segment. They said they were focusing on developing AI for business or enterprise segments or B2B.

Although AI became one of the elements that became the basis of the Swype app, Nuance seems to see AI development for more potential business segments rather than using AI just to guess a word or dictate a sentence to be written on a mobile phone.

As it was known in 2011, Nuance purchased the Swype company for US $ 100 million. At that time Nuance has been famous for the development of speech recognition called Dragon Dictation on Siri-based iOS.

Cessation of support to Swype app will make this app will not get updates, and prone to be used by cyber criminals. So smartphone users with Swype apps are expected to use caution.